Sponsor a Tutor – philanthropic support for our academic program

Alumni and friends who have achieved success in their careers and would like to support Emmanuel College and our students are invited to make a tax-deductible donation to our Sponsor a Tutor philanthropic program.

Emmanuel College’s reputation for academic excellence is in no small part due to our academic program; the cornerstone of which is 80+ hours of tutorials each week ranging from Anatomy to Zoology.

Tutorials in Biology, Dentistry, Engineering, IT, Journalism, Law, Marketing, Music, Physiotherapy and Statistics are just some of the offerings in our course- and discipline-based program. For the significant number of Emmanuel students studying towards Medicine (more than 10 per cent of the student body), our intensive GAMSAT (Graduate Medical School Admissions Test) preparation course builds their confidence in tackling the rigorous five-and-a half-hour exam. Emmanuel’s bespoke Short Language Courses — French, Spanish, German, Italian, Japanese and Mandarin — are designed for students who have studied languages at school, but are unable to continue learning languages as a part of their university degree.

At a time of expanding university class sizes, Emmanuel College tutors work with small groups of between two and six students to deepen their understanding and target their individual needs. Compulsory tutorials for our first-year students set them up for success in their studies. The proof is in our students’ academic results: this year, 65% achieved a GPA of 5 and above, and 30% achieved a GPA of 6 and above.

Many of Emmanuel’s tutors are young alumni. Accounting and Economics tutor Liam Posselt, who completed his Bachelor of Business Management degree in 2018, said, “Emmanuel’s tutes really helped me as an undergrad. Now that I’m working at Queensland Treasury as an analyst, I feel I can help Emmanuel’s students with my knowledge and experience. And I really value the ongoing connection I have with the College.”

As a not-for-profit, all revenue generated by Emmanuel is returned for the benefit of our students’ education and wellbeing. The cost of providing each tutorial is approximately $2000 per year, so the annual cost of funding our tutorial program is approximately $170,000. To continue offering this depth and breadth of academic support, we have initiated the Sponsor a Tutor philanthropic program.

Donating to Sponsor a Tutor provides multiple levels of support:

  • employing tutors, many of whom are young Emmanuel alums
  • helping Emmanuel’s students in their studies
  • assisting the College financially, for the benefit of the whole Emmanuel community.

David Graham (EMC 1962-64) is the first Emmanuel alumnus to donate to our new Sponsor a Tutor philanthropic program. As the founder of funds management firm DDH Graham Limited, David was keen to help Emmanuel’s students studying Accounting and Economics by sponsoring a tutor in that field.

Currently studying for a Bachelor of Business Management, Emmanuel student Christian Camuglia is benefitting from our tutorials and from David Graham’s generosity. “The tutorials that Emmanuel offers have provided me with the very best opportunity in succeeding in my first three years at university. Not only are they incredibly helpful, but they also provide a safety net for students who are struggling with the large study load that comes when they first start at university.”

Thank you to all of our alumni and friends who contribute philanthropically to Emmanuel for your generosity, kindness and support.

For more information about this program or giving to Emmanuel College, please contact Advancement and Communications Manager Michelle James, m.james@emmanuel.uq.edu.au or 07 3871 9342. You can donate online (select Academic Support Program / Sponsor a Tutor on the form) or choose your preferred way of giving.