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Each category has a tailored scale designed to capture your in-depth view of the applicant's strengths and areas for growth. We invite you to provide detailed example/s that explain your ratings.

Academic Abilities*
This section assesses the applicant’s intellectual capabilities and academic performance.
Example: Describe the applicant's academic strengths or notable achievements.
Cultural Engagement and Respect*
This section measures how well the applicant respects and contributes to cultural diversity, enriching our community.
Example: Share a story where the applicant made a significant impact on cultural understanding or inclusivity.
Your insights into the applicant's contribution to community and extracurricular engagement are invaluable.
Example: Could you describe an instance where the applicant's contribution truly made a difference?
Values Alignment*
We hold our community to high standards of integrity and respect. How well does the applicant embody these?
Example: Recount a time when the applicant demonstrated remarkable ethical behaviour.
Community Engagement and Wellbeing*
Engagement in community and wellbeing initiatives speaks volumes about the applicant’s character.
Example: Please discuss the applicant’s leadership and innovation in a community project.
Self-Reflection and Growth*
The ability to reflect and grow from experiences is crucial for personal and academic success.
Example: Describe a situation where the applicant used criticism to foster significant personal development.
Recommendation on Overall Character*
This final section seeks your comprehensive assessment of the applicant's overall character based on their personal qualities and ethical standards.
Example: Please describe the applicants character traits that you regard as notable.
If there is anything more you feel we should know about this applicant, please add your comments here.
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