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2024 dates

Invoices due
24 January 2024

Welcome Day (check-in) for new students
Saturday 10 February 2024

Orientation Week (new students)
Saturday 10 February 2024 – Friday 16 February 2024

Semester 1
Sunday 18 February 2024 – Saturday 15 June 2024

Mid-year break*
Saturday 15 June 2024 – Saturday 20 July 2024

Semester 2
Sunday 21 July 2o24 – Saturday 16 November 2024

Check-out day for all students
Saturday 16 November 2024

*Students are welcome to stay and/or leave their belongings in their room over the mid-year break.


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As a current Emmanuel College student, you can:

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    • Alcohol, Smoking and Other Drugs Policy
    • Diversity and Inclusion Policy
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Scholarships and Bursaries

Applications are now closed for 2024.


Emmanuel College provides financial assistance through scholarships and bursaries for new students commencing at College, and returning students.

While both scholarships and bursaries provide financial assistance, they have different eligibility requirements. Scholarships are awarded on merit based academic accomplishments, sporting or cultural achievements, irrespective of financial need. Bursaries in contrast, are granted to a student who faces economic barriers when it comes to applying to, or remaining at, Emmanuel College. Students are welcome to apply for both scholarships and bursaries.

Emmanuel College is committed to providing access and equity to enable the participation of young adults from all walks of life, who wish to join the Emmanuel community, while pursuing their undergraduate and postgraduate university studies.

Academic scholarships for returning students are awarded on the basis of cumulative previous year GPA results and other honours (eg. Dean’s List). Students do not have to apply for this scholarship.  It is determined solely on academic performance.

Respectful Relationships

Our commitment is to provide our residents with a safe, respectful and inclusive community. All members of the College community have a right to live, study and work in an environment where they feel safe, supported and respected.

Our values of respect for self, respect for our environment (built and natural) underpin the way we interact as a community. We focus on ensuring our residents understand the College’s expectations around healthy relationships, safety and consent, and seeking support by:

  • Promoting and fostering an environment in which people are treated fairly and with respect;
  • Providing training and education to support healthy development and wellbeing for our students that builds and deepens respect for themselves and respect for others;
  • Delivering safe and supportive reporting options when a breach to our Policy and Code of Conduct has occurred.

Culture of respect

Respect — including self-respect — is fundamental to everything we do. We talk about respect often and use every opportunity to demonstrate and support respectful behaviours.

We cultivate respectful relationships from the start — in our initial interviews with prospective students and the first time residents meet as a group during Orientation Week. We focus on providing an informative and nurturing Orientation Week experience for new students that encourages them to build healthy relationships. 

College student leaders provide support and guidance through Orientation Week and subsequent university milestones. Our staff mentor student leaders to be positive role models and to identify and call out unacceptable behaviour. Among all our residents we foster a culture of care for each other’s physical and mental wellbeing. 

Through ongoing educational programs, we promote a culture of inclusivity and equality that supports all students to understand the link between equality and respectful relationships. We regularly host guest speakers who are experts in areas such as consent, positive relationships, and respect for sexual diversity and identity. 

Safe environment

To provide a safe place in which to navigate the transition from adolescence to adulthood, we: 

  • Cultivate a positive environment with a focus on respectful relationships and prevention of any kind of abuse and harassment 
  • Respond quickly, empathically and decisively when situations occur 
  • Clearly communicate reporting procedures and highlight the many support services available to students at the college, at university and in the broader community 
  • Provide regular, ongoing training and education to our students promoting healthy identity development, wellbeing and understanding
  • Continue to review and refine our approach

Supporting and other reporting options

Support options

The Student Engagement Team at Emmanuel College, who are experienced staff members, supports students with their learning, personal, health and wellbeing needs. If for any reason students find themselves feeling unsafe or disrespected, we encourage them to reach out for confidential support to a staff member in the Student Engagement Team, who can advise them of their options.

Additionally, we recommend students tapping into external resources for comprehensive support. Organisations including 1800 Respect, UQ Respect at The University of Queensland, and services such as Lifeline offer confidential information, counselling, and 24/7 emergency support. Our students wellbeing is our priority, and our Student Engagement Team are here to help them access the assistance they need.

Reporting options

Any member of the College can make a report to College concerning the behaviour of another College member/s. Any individuals or groups who have witnessed or had something happen to them that they think has breached the College’s policies can make a report.

What happens when there is a breach of the Policy or our Code of Conduct and what are the reporting options?

A breach occurs when a member of our community does not feel safe, supported, or respected. This can be through any form of bullying, harassment, or sexual assault.

There are several options for students who have concerns about breaches of the Respectful Relationship Policy.  These options include:

  • Disclosure
  • Anonymous Report (see below to make an anonymous report)
  • Informal Report
  • Formal Report

More information can be found on the options above for current students on our e-learning platform by logging in here or by reaching out to a member of staff for further assistance and support.

Anonymous Report

To report a potential breach of the Emmanuel College Code of Conduct and Emmanuel College Respectful Relationships Policy, students can use the form below. By submitting a report, students are not initiating a formal reporting process and they have the option to remain anonymous. We will only use the information provided to put a student in contact with a member of our Student Engagement Team who will inform them of Emmanuel’s support options. 

If a student chooses to remain anonymous, we will attempt to take action with the information that has been provided. The report submitted will be turned into a case note for the student/s involved or mentioned. A risk assessment based on the information provided is completed. Please note, the anonymous report option may not result in an outcome if there is not enough information or detail that can appropriately be used to progress to an informal or formal report. 

Further information about reporting options can be found here. We encourage our students to reach out to our Student Engagement Team for confidential support at any time.