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Why Emmanuel College?

We are here to set you up for success, every day of your college life and at every step of your career.

Live your best college life

  • Friendly, inclusive and diverse environment
  • Creative, athletic and social opportunities
  • Achieve academic excellence

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Navigate a successful career path

  • Career advice and support
  • Mentoring and internship opportunities with alumni
  • Post-graduation job offers
  • Worldwide alumni network across all age groups and professions

Our community and why it makes financial sense

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College life

Being a part of the Emmanuel College community will make an enormously positive difference to your life. Sharing accommodation, meals, study time, good times and interesting experiences builds strong bonds and lasting friendships. College life is community life, grounded in mutual respect, camaraderie and shared values.

Student story

I feel that Emmanuel is at the forefront of colleges when it comes to student wellbeing. The constant activities and strong traditions keep everyone involved and help people come out of their shells. You feel secure and valued, so your confidence grows.

Student story

I’ve grown so much academically, professionally and personally because of my time at Emmanuel. The level of genuine support from the staff, tutors and other students was just amazing and the whole experience exceeded my expectations. So did my results!

Student story

It’s really important that every resident feels trusted and respected and the College did a great job to ensure that happened. I was also well informed and able to stay connected so I never missed out on great experiences and important information. The staff guided me through each academic year, equipping me with all the necessary life-skills for after College.

Scholarships and bursaries

Our scholarships and bursaries program offers fee reductions (based on merit and need) and cash grants each year.


New applicant scholarships close 31 December 2021. Returning student scholarships close 30 November 2021.


I want to go to uni in Brisbane but not UQ. Can I still apply to Emmanuel?

Of course! We welcome applications from students studying at any Brisbane-based university.

Does Emmanuel offer scholarships and bursaries?

Yes! We award scholarships and bursaries for part or full relief of residential fees.

Can I bring my pet to College?

Students are not permitted to have pets at college.

Is car parking available for students?

We have limited car parking available and generally do not provide car parks for first-year students. If you are a returning student, you are able to apply for a car park in your online returning student application.

Can I have a family member to stay overnight?

Subject to room availability, family members are welcome to stay at college for $50 per night with approval from the Deputy Principal. You’ll need to give at least 3 business days notice. Meal vouchers for your guest are $15.

Can I bring my own furniture?

Each room at Emmanuel College is fully furnished, so students are not permitted to bring large furniture items to College. Students are welcome to bring items such as TVs and additional computer screens, and they are encouraged to decorate their room to make it their home.

Can I have friends from outside Emmanuel visit?

You’re welcome to have guests visit during the day and evening, but not overnight. COVID-19 restrictions may apply at times and all visitors to the college campus must sign in with the Qld Check In App.

Does Emmanuel have Wi-Fi?

Of course! You can connect to Emmanuel Wi-Fi anywhere on the college campus.

How do I get involved in College sport and cultural activities?

Sign-on and training dates are organised and advertised by the student leaders. All students are welcome and encouraged to get involved, whatever your skill level.