College Life

Becoming part of the Emmanuel community will make an enormously positive difference to your life. You will form friendships at Emmanuel that will continue through the years and last a lifetime. College life is community life; you share accommodation and facilities, meals and study time, good times and interesting experiences. There will always be someone around to talk to, to ask for advice or help.

Living a College life, you will learn how important it is to show respect for all members of the Emmanuel community, support your friends and peers, and contribute. Emmanuel prides itself on possessing a great team spirit, a strong camaraderie among students, and a solid set of values shared by all.

College tours for prospective students and their families are by appointment. To book, please email Reception.

We look forward to welcoming you to College life.

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Student Accommodation
Emmanuel College UQ in St Lucia offers on-campus student accommodation to undergraduate and postgraduate students.
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Student Facilities
Facilities include: Academic Centre and Gill Student Centre state-of-the-art learning and quiet study areas, available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week; Common Rooms with kitchenette, entertainment, games, and gym facilities; sports half court; music rooms; chapel.
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Scholarships and Bursaries
We want to make an Emmanuel College education available to the most outstanding students, regardless of the financial means of their families, and to embrace students from diverse backgrounds around Australia and throughout the world. Our scholarships and bursaries program offers up to $500,000 annually to assist deserving university students to gain the benefits of Emmanuel College life.
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Academic Program
Emmanuel College offers a challenging, rigorous and rewarding academic program that draws upon the Oxbridge traditions of critical thinking and scholarly pursuit.
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Wellbeing Care
Our students’ wellbeing is an important part of life at Emmanuel College. As a community, we are committed to caring for students holistically, providing wellbeing care as students undertake the transition to university studies.
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All students have opportunities to become leaders at Emmanuel College and in the community.
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Mentoring and Work Experience Program
Emmanuel College recognises the value of a strong alumni relations program and the benefits it can bring to the College community as a whole.
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Emmanuel College competes in The University of Queensland Inter-College Competition (ICC), along with the ten other UQ colleges, and hosts an annual Rugby 7s tournament.
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Cultural Activities
The cultural side of Emmanuel College provides numerous opportunities for students to get involved, have fun, showcase their talents, and compete against other colleges in a variety of competitions. Theatre Restaurant is a uniquely Emmanuel experience — a theatrical performance written, directed, produced and performed by students accompanied by a delicious meal.
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College Pipe Band
Membership of the Emmanuel College Highlanders at The University of Queensland pipe band is open to College and University students and people from the wider Brisbane community. Free tuition in both pipes and drums is available to students.
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Community and Partnerships
Community and partnerships are central aspects of Emmanuel College life. What sets us apart is how we engage more broadly with university, church, and community.
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Upcoming Events
A calendar of Emmanuel College events and important dates.
FAQs for students and parents
Questions about Emmanuel College frequently asked by students and parents.
College Life Image Gallery
Our image gallery showcases social, academic, cultural, and sporting activities Emmanuel College students are participating in.