Our wellbeing and
academic focus

Stay well and safe so you can focus
on what you’re here to do.

The importance of wellbeing and academic success

We’re here to set you up for success and make the most of your opportunities. University can be a tough learning transition, especially if you’re used to acquiring additional help from teachers at high school. Our superior tailored tutorials and academic support from tutors and College staff members will help you achieve academic success.

As important as academic results are, they don’t occur in isolation and won’t be sustainable if you’re not balanced and healthy. Your wellbeing is the foundation for everything you can achieve and become. That’s why we provide a support structure that addresses all aspects of health and personal growth.

Tutorial program

We provide:

  • 70+ hours of tutorials each week
  • Undergraduate and postgraduate tutorials
  • Academic mentoring and support
  • Guest led masterclasses and presentations
  • Cross-cohort academic networking dinners
  • Language courses in French, German, Spanish, Japanese and Mandarin

Our tutorial program helps you understand your coursework more deeply. It includes course and discipline-based tutorials and drop-in sessions for general support with writing or mathematics.

While university class sizes are expanding, Emmanuel College tutors work with small classes (generally five to six students at most) so that individual student needs can be targeted directly.

Our language tutorials are designed for students are studying a language at university, as well as those who studied languages at school and want to keep up their skills but can’t include languages in their degree. Students with no prior experience are also welcome to attend.

Wellbeing program

Student wellbeing is our greatest concern and priority. We provide a holistic program of individual care with multiple layers of support.

Our Director of Wellbeing works closely with staff and student leaders to continually enhance and strengthen our Wellbeing Program here at Emmanuel. We aim to provide Emmanuel students with a comprehensive wellbeing program that enables opportunities to strengthen the development of their sense of self, encourages them to explore and understand their own wellbeing. The program is delivered through education, training, life skills, wellness sessions, lectures, and interactive learning both online and face-to-face.

Our program offers support and specialised care when our students need it and is tailored to address the unique needs of adolescents and young adults. Our Dean of Studies is available to help with academic and residential concerns and our College Counsellors are available to support students experiencing personal pressures, stress or anxiety to assist with their mental health and wellbeing. We can also help students with referrals to the most suitable external counsellors and psychologists.

Our Residential Experience Officers are here 24/7 to keep everyone safe and provide practical help when needed. In addition, our Deputy Principal and Director of Wellbeing are available outside of office hours to address any student facing issues which may require additional support.

Students are able to book an appointment with these members of the Student Engagement Team through our online booking system or at the front administration desk.

Wellbeing Strategy

Emmanuel College has developed a Student Wellbeing Strategy which illustrates our commitment to support our residents in adopting healthy lifestyle behaviours across all aspects of their life. This strategy leads all that we do at Emmanuel, ensuring student wellbeing is at the forefront of the student experience we provide.


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College Fellows

Emmanuel College’s academic fellows present lectures, speak at College events, take part in College life and encourage our students’ intellectual interests. They are at the centre of our community of scholars.

From the broader community we appoint honorary fellows, many of them Emmanuel alumni, who inspire us with their achievements in a wide range of fields.

Emmanuel Papers

The Emmanuel Papers is a series of academic papers devoted to topics of broad interest in areas of law, education, history, politics, science and religion. They are transcripts of speeches delivered at College dinners and events.

Number 30 – October 2023 – download

Gretel Wilson
Delivered at the Valedictory Service and Dinner Speech – 27 October 2023

Number 29 – March 2023 – download

Professor Kris Ryan
Delivered at the Academic Awards Dinner – 16 March 2023

Number 28 – February 2023 – download

Professor Pauline Ford
Delivered at the Convocation Service and Dinner – 12 February 2023

Number 27 – May 2019 – download

On Privilege
Associate Professor Rain Liivoja

Delivered at the Academic Awards Dinner – 14 March 2019

Number 26 – August 2018 – download

Domestic Violence and the Law: Achievements and Future Directions
Professor Heather Douglas

Delivered at the Sir Harry Gibbs Law Dinner – 30 August 2018

Number 25 – August 2017 – download

Indigenous Justice — Five Reasons We Fail
Magistrate Cathy McLennan

Delivered at the Sir Harry Gibbs Law Dinner – 3 August 2017

Number 24 – May 2017 – download

What Value does Australia Place on its Schools?
Professor Brian J Caldwell

Delivered at the School Principals Dinner – 18 May 2017

Number 23 – September 2016 – download

Legal Issues of Brexit
The Honourable Justice James Edelman

Delivered at the Sir Harry Gibbs Law Dinner – 1 September 2016

Number 22 – August 2015 – download

Qualification for Judicial Office: A Democratic Imperative
The Honourable Justice Hugh Fraser

Delivered at the Sir Harry Gibbs Law Dinner – 13 August 2015

Number 21 – August 2015 – download

Philanthropy in Education
Mr John Wylie AM

Delivered at the Philanthropy in Education Lecture – 6 August 2015

Number 20 – October 2014 – download

Philanthropy in Education
Mr John H McCall MacBain

Delivered at the Philanthropy in Education Lecture – 29 October 2014

Number 19 – May 2014 – download

The Gibbs Imprint at the Queen Elizabeth II Courts of Law
The Honourable Justice Paul de Jersey AC

Delivered at the Sir Harry Gibbs Law Lecture – 2 May 2014

Number 18 – November 2013 – download

Philanthropy in Education
Sir John Hood

Delivered at the Philanthropy in Education Lecture – 11 November 2013

Number 17 – September 2012 – download

Philanthropy in Education
Mr Rupert Myer AO

Delivered at the Philanthropy in Education Lecture – 5 September 2012

Number 16 – May 2012 – download

Reasons for Judgment: Objects and Observations
The Honourable Justice Susan Kiefel AC

Delivered at the Sir Harry Gibbs Law Dinner – 18 May 2012

Number 15 – September 2011 – download

Education and Transformation
Reverend Professor James Haire AC KSJ

Delivered at the Centenary Founders’ Day Service – 11 September 2011

Number 14 – August 2011 – download

Philanthropy in Education
Mr John B Reid AO

Delivered at the inaugural Philanthropy in Education Lecture – 10 August 2011

Number 13 – August 2011 – download

Trusting One’s Judgement
Professor John Pearn AM

Delivered at the Medical Dinner – 5 August 2011

Number 12 – May 2011 – download

Teaching Scientifically
Professor Susan Hamilton

Delivered at the School Principals’ Dinner – 12 May 2011

Number 11 – February 2011 – download

The Spirit of Caledonia in the Formation of The University of Queensland
Mr John D Story AO
Delivered at the Convocation Dinner – 20 February 2011

Number 10 – August 2010 – download

Jurisdiction and Power: The Language of the Law
The Honourable David Jackson AM QC

Delivered at the Sir Harry Gibbs Law Dinner – 13 August 2010

Number 9 – March 2010 – download

Food for Thought
Professor Susan Hamilton

Delivered at the Academic Awards Dinner – 18 March 2010

Number 8 – February 2010 – download

The One who Dies with the Most Toys Wins?
Dr Bruce Winter

Delivered at the Convocation Service – 21 February 2010

Number 7 – August 2009 – download

Can Doctors Change the World?
Professor Ranjeny Thomas

Delivered at the Medical Dinner – 28 August 2009

Number 6 – March 2009 – download

Final Courts
The Honourable Justice Ian Callinan AC

Delivered at the Sir Harry Gibbs Law Dinner – 27 March 2009

Number 5 – June 2008 – download

The Chief Justice and Mr Justice Murphy: Leadership in a Time of Crisis
The Honourable Justice Roslyn Atkinson AO

Delivered at the Sir Harry Gibbs Law Dinner – 16 May 2008

Number 4 – April 2008 – download

Whither Universities?
Sir Brian Heap CBE FRS

Delivered at a dinner – 22 April 2008

Number 3 – September 2007 – download

Cancer Prevention in the 21st Century
Professor Ian Frazer AC

Delivered at the inaugural Medical Dinner – 21 September 2007

Number 2 – September 2007 – download

Sir Harry Gibbs — A Firm yet Gentle Force for Right
The Right Honourable Sir Ninian Stephen AK

Delivered at the Sir Harry Gibbs Law Dinner – 17 August 2007

Number 1 – September 2006 – download

Why Have Law at All?
The Honourable Mr Justice Bruce H McPherson CBE

Delivered at the inaugural Sir Harry Gibbs Law Dinner – 25 August 2006