Our wellbeing and
academic focus

Stay well and safe so you can focus
on what you’re here to do.

Why this is important

We’re here to set you up for success and make the most of your opportunities. University can be a tough learning transition, especially if you’re used to acquiring additional help from teachers at high school. Our superior tailored tutorials and academic support from tutors and college staff members will help you achieve academic success.

Emmanuel College students achieve consistently better marks than the wider student population. Our students’ grade point average is 5.2, with 65 per cent achieving a GPA of 5 and above and 30 per cent achieving a GPA of 6 and above.

As important as academic results are, they don’t occur in isolation and won’t be sustainable if you’re not balanced and healthy. Your wellbeing is the foundation for everything you can achieve and become. That’s why we provide a support structure that addresses all aspects of health and personal growth.


We provide:

  • 80+ hours of tutorials each week
  • Undergraduate and postgraduate tutorials
  • Academic mentoring and support
  • Masterclasses
  • Interdisciplinary “SuperTutes”
  • Language courses in French, German, Spanish, Italian, Japanese and Mandarin

Our tutorial program helps you understand your coursework more deeply. It includes course and discipline based tutorials and drop-in sessions for general support with writing or mathematics.

While university class sizes are expanding, Emmanuel College tutors work with small classes (generally five to six students at most) so that individual student needs can be targeted directly.

Weekly attendance at tutorials is compulsory for first-year students, but you can choose which tutorial(s) to go to. In your second year or higher, you can request specific tutorials.

Our short language courses are designed for students who studied languages at school and want to keep up their skills but can’t include languages in their degree.

“After realising that I wasn’t able to get the grades I wanted on my own, at the beginning of this year I decided to take full advantage of the academic benefits of living at Emmanuel. I attended almost every tutorial offered, sought out additional help from other College students, distanced myself from distractions by basically living in the Academic Centre as due-dates and exams approached, and followed the advice I’d been given during first year. This made a huge difference to my study life. Last semester, I obtained a 6.25 GPA, while actually attending more college sporting and cultural events.”

Emmanuel College engineering student

“The tutorials in the six-week intensive course for GAMSAT [Graduate Medical School Admissions Test] preparation have been incredibly helpful. My tutors have given me confidence in approaching each section of the exam. I’m really grateful for the opportunity that Emmanuel College has provided to help me achieve my best score.”

Emmanuel College science student

“Thank you for organising the Speech Pathology tutorials. Our tutor was absolutely brilliant and always did anything she could to help us out, including lending us textbooks and bringing all of her notes and her own therapy plans and materials. It was of real benefit and I know she will be a great connection for me in the professional world.”

Emmanuel College speech pathology student

Wellbeing program

Student wellbeing is our greatest concern and priority, so we provide a holistic program of individual care with multiple layers of support.

Senior student leaders in each residential wing offer constant, easily accessible support and guidance. We provide training to inform their decisions around the physical and emotional wellbeing of their fellow collegians.

Additional support is available from our Student Engagement Team staff, who are highly skilled in addressing the unique needs of adolescents. 

College Life Senior Assistant Chris Morris is available to help with residential concerns and academic support. College Counsellor Ali Mills is available to support students through any personal matters.

We can also help students with referrals to the most suitable external counsellors and psychologists.

After office hours, Residential Experience Officers are rostered on to keep everyone safe and provide practical help. In addition, our Deputy Principal and Principal are available during these hours to address any complex issues that may arise.

Students are able to book an appointment with any member of the Student Engagement Team at any time.

College Fellows

Emmanuel College’s academic fellows present lectures, speak at College events, take part in College life and encourage our students’ intellectual interests. They are at the centre of our community of scholars.

From the broader community we appoint honorary fellows, many of them Emmanuel alumni, who inspire us with their achievements in a wide range of fields.

Emmanuel Papers

The Emmanuel Papers is a series of academic papers devoted to topics of broad interest in areas of law, education, history, politics, science and religion. They are transcripts of speeches delivered at College dinners and events.