Welcome from Professor Stewart Gill OAM

For more than one hundred years, Emmanuel College has been one of Australia’s leading university colleges. We offer an academically focused, supportive residential environment for young men and women studying at The University of Queensland based on our founding liberal arts mission: “to provide an education for life, not just for livelihood”.

Academic progress and excellence is the priority at Emmanuel College. The collegium, or academic community, is at the heart of what we do. Our academic program encompasses more than 70 tutorials each week, language courses, interdisciplinary SuperTutes, MasterClasses by industry professionals, the Visiting Scholars Program, and academic mentoring.

While the collegium is at the centre of what we do, the social, cultural and sporting aspects of co-ed college life at Emmanuel are vital to help students form bonds that build resilience and character, leading to meaningful relationships and life-long friendships.

Whether providing academic support and intellectual engagement, financial support through scholarships and bursaries, mentoring and internships through our alumni network, or pastoral care and spiritual guidance, everything we do is to ensure our students’ wellbeing and future prospects.

As a historian, I often reflect upon the words of eighteenth-century British philosopher-statesman Edmund Burke: “Society is a contract between the past, the present and those yet unborn.” Echoing Burke’s well-known declaration, Emmanuel College’s commitment — our social contract — is to our alumni, current students and future students. We welcome you.

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