Important Emmanuel College COVID-19 Update – 24 March 2020

During the events surrounding COVID-19, we have regularly re-committed to providing you with relevant information relating to the responses undertaken by the College in maintaining the safety of our students. I confirm that at the time of this update, Emmanuel College has no known cases of COVID-19, and no students currently in isolation.

The situation has been extremely fluid, and as we have followed guidance from health authorities and now government directives in relation to the containment of the virus through broader restrictions, listening carefully to the concerns of our students and their families, and in consultation with the College Council, we have now reached the conclusion that we must join the broader community approach in assisting that containment.

Accordingly, from today, we are instructing all students who are able to leave the College and return to their families safely, to do so as soon as possible. We appreciate there may be some logistical challenges in individual circumstances, but assure you that the provision of service will continue for any students who are unable to leave.

It is important to note that life at College will be quite different from how it has been at any time in the past – however, we believe that by encouraging all of those students who can to leave, we will assist the overall containment strategy being employed nation-wide, get as many students as possible back to their families safely, and provide a safer environment for those students who remain.

It is important that students DO NOT depart from College without advising us according to existing instructions, so that we can manage our ongoing services appropriately.

Financial Considerations

As COVID-19 control measures have ramped up all over the world by government authorities, we have increasingly aware of concerns amongst our families in relation to the ongoing operations of the College, the financial implications of the broader shutdowns in the community, and the implications for their students facing possible longer term isolation from their families.

The College is determined to continue its rich history even in the face of these rapidly emerging changes. We are also concerned that some people are factoring in financial considerations as their own circumstances change, even as the College itself is attempting to re-model its own operational and financial viability amidst such volatility.

Emmanuel College is adapting its current financial duress policy framework, to specifically respond to COVID-19. In these challenging times, there may be some delay as we work for equitable outcomes for everyone, but request your patience nonetheless. Further information will be available on this issue soon.

Emmanuel College is determined to resume full operations as soon as we are able, and look forward to our students return in due course.

Once again, we are grateful for your support and encouragement at this time. Our very best wishes to you and your families.

Stephen Peake
Emmanuel College