Scholarships and Bursary Program

In accordance with our mission and values, we are determined, as far as possible, to make an Emmanuel education available to the most outstanding students, regardless of the financial means of their families, and to embrace students from diverse backgrounds around Australia and around the world.

Through our scholarship and bursary program we are committed to providing promising futures for deserving students. Scholarships enable outstanding students who could not otherwise afford to do so to gain the benefits of being a resident of Emmanuel College and all that that entails. Our scholarships also recognise the academic merit and other contributions of students. Bursaries can be an invaluable help to those students needing a financial hand up.

Emmanuel College offers a number of scholarships and bursaries funded through philanthropy and gifts from donors and benefactors who, in many cases, are alumni.

Scholarships are awarded on the basis of academic merit while bursaries are awarded on the basis of need. The College requires evidence of financial hardship from an applicant seeking a bursary.

Scholarships and bursaries are offered as a remission in College fees rather than as a cash payment. Up to $500,000 is awarded annually to assist deserving university students gain the benefits of Emmanuel College life.

Who is awarded scholarships?

Except where otherwise stated, student support will usually be awarded on the basis of academic excellence, personal qualities, likely contribution which the scholar can make to the College, and financial need. The College retains the right not to make awards, and to make awards to students who have not applied for specific scholarships.

Setting up a scholarship in perpetuity

Setting up a scholarship in perpetuity allows the scholarship to exist for all time and ensures it retains permanently its real value and power to help students. Our ultimate aim is for scholarships to be fully endowed in perpetuity and currently an endowment figure of approximately $400,000 per scholarship would achieve this. This amount would be invested and managed through the College’s fund managers and the income from the capital (less inflation) would then be used annually to support the scholarship. Careful fund management ensures the real value of the endowment is maintained over time.

The terms of scholarships are generally as specified by their donors and agreed to by the College. Donors may wish to provide a full  or part scholarship and may also wish to provide funds over a number of years to ease their way financially.

Scholarship value

Currently, the residence fee at Emmanuel College covers:

  • full residence, including 21 meals per week
  • personal room with a small fridge, study desk, ceiling fan and WiFi connectivity
  • weekly room cleaning and laundry service during the semester
  • academic support program
  • emotional support and wellbeing
  • sporting and cultural facilities
  • clubs and other amenities, including common room
  • social events organised by the Emmanuel College Students’ Club (ECSC)
  • chapel services and meditative space
  • formal dinners and guest speakers.

Tax Deductibility

A gift of a scholarship to Emmanuel College is fully tax-deductible under subdivision 30A of the Income Tax Assessment Act 1997. The College has Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR) and Tax Concession Charity (TCC) status.

Residents of the USA can support Emmanuel’s students by making a tax-deductible gift through The University of Queensland in America Foundation. Please make a gift by donating online or downloading the gift form and specifying “Emmanuel College” in the “Gift Destination – Supporting one of the Residential Colleges” section.


The generosity of donors or benefactors is crucial in making scholarships and bursaries available. Providing more, and more generous, scholarships is one of the central purposes of Emmanuel’s fundraising endeavours.

In many cases, the name of the scholarship is the name of a benefactor or of a person in whose memory or honour a scholarship has been endowed. However, benefactors are free to choose a name other than their own for the scholarship.

Benefactors may be Emmanuel students, relatives of Emmanuel students who wish to help others share in the Emmanuel experience from which they gained so much, or they may be friends of the College who believe in and want to support the College mission and vision for the future.


We encourage scholarship winners to think about giving back to the community later in life when they are in a position to do so. We hope that they will provide opportunities for future generations of students in the same way that past benefactors have provided support for them.