FAQs for students and parents

Depending on room availability and at the discretion of the Vice Principal/Dean, students may be able to arrive at College a few days earlier. These nights are charged at the vacation rate.
Depending on room availability and at the discretion of the Vice Principal/Dean, students may be able to stay at College for a short period after semester finishes. These nights are charged at the vacation rate.
The enrolment date for new students in semester 1 2019 is Saturday 16 February.
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Details of fees, which vary depending on room type, and other charges are here.
Yes. Emmanuel College awards up to $500,000 in scholarships and bursaries for part or full relief of fees annually. Information is available here.
Emmanuel College’s Handbook and Residential Agreement Terms and Conditions are here.
No. Students are not permitted to bring their own furniture to College. Each room has an extra-long single bed, fridge, desk and desk chair, desk lamp, bookshelf, and wardrobe with drawers and hanging space. See packing list of what to bring (and not to bring) to College.
No. Students are not permitted to have pets at College.
Emmanuel College has limited car parking available. Students need to apply for car parks, and they are allocated on the basis of seniority and need. In general, car parking is NOT available for first-year students.
Family members of the same gender are permitted to come to stay at College, with the Vice Principal’s/Dean’s permission. Requests need to be made in advance, and a trundle bed can be provided.
Students are welcome to have guests visit the College during the day and evening. We do ask that outside guests (unless approved to stay at the College) leave campus by midnight.
Very limited visitor parking is available at the College in order to provide as much parking as possible for our residents. Parking for people with a disability is available on the roundabout at the College’s main entry. Affordable parking is available nearby on UQ’s campus. Note that The University of Queensland St Lucia Traffic Area surrounds the College and University grounds and a two-hour area-wide parking limit applies on all unsigned streets in the area between 7am to 6pm, Monday to Friday, between February and November.
Mail can be sent to students, with their full name clearly written on the envelope, to:
c/o – Emmanuel College, Sir William MacGregor Drive, St Lucia Qld 4067, Australia
Yes. Emmanuel College provides WiFi in each student room and in common areas. Students are provided with 50GB of data a semester.
All students are encouraged to try out for teams, even if they haven’t played a sport or activity before. The Students’ Club organises try-outs for various teams early in the semester, and students can sign up outside the dining hall.
Students are encouraged to take advantage of any of the 60+ discipline-based tutorials offered each week, regardless of the program they are enrolled in. The tutorial program is designed to broaden students’ education and provide access to materials and ideas they would not otherwise have.
If students need to miss a tutorial (for example, due to sickness), they should email BOTH their tutor AND the Senior Academic Tutor well in advance, preferably with at least 24 hours’ notice.
At Emmanuel College, academic success and progress is the highest priority. So missing tutorials because of sports or cultural activities, even as a part of the Inter-College Competition, is not acceptable.
The College provides three meals a day, seven days a week. Monday to Saturday: breakfast 6.30-9.00am; lunch 12:00-1.30pm; dinner 5:00-6.30pm. Sundays: cold breakfast from 7am; brunch from 11.30am.
The salad bar is set up during breakfast so that students can make sandwiches and take fruit for a packed lunch. If students have evening classes, they can sign the register in the kitchen at breakfast time and kitchen staff will set a meal aside for them. On returning to College, students should see the hall porter, who will retrieve the meal and heat it up.