Apply to Emmanuel College

Step 1 –

Before commencing your online application for residence through the Emmanuel College Portal, you need to have the following ready:

(a) Confidential Referee Form – a referee form is to be completed by your school principal, teacher, lecturer or tutor. Relatives and peers are not acceptable referees. Ask your referee to complete the confidential referee form. Your referee should then send the form to admissions.

(b) Letter to the Principal – Please write a letter (approx. 500 words) detailing why you would be a suitable resident at Emmanuel College.

(c) Proof of age – Please provide a copy of one of the following to confirm your date of birth – passport, birth certificate, driver’s licence, or equivalent.

Step 2  –
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Step 3  –
After you have submitted your online application, you will have an interview with a staff member of the Student Engagement Team. Interviews can be conducted by Skype, telephone or in person at College.
Please note:
  • Your application will not be processed until all parts of the application have been submitted.
  • Submission of a completed application form and application fee does not guarantee a place in College.
  • Following your interview, you may qualify for an immediate offer. However, the majority of offers are made in January following the allocation of university places.
  • Emmanuel welcomes applications from students studying at any Brisbane-based university.