Provost’s Welcome

Welcome from Professor David Brunckhorst

For more than 100 years, Emmanuel College has been one of Australia’s leading university colleges. Everything we do is to ensure our students’ wellbeing and future prospects. We offer an academically focused, supportive residential environment for young men and women studying at The University of Queensland based on our founding liberal arts mission: “to provide an education for life, not just for livelihood”.

We are a collegiate, interdisciplinary academic community — community is at the heart of what we do. People and relationships are what make a university college great. I believe that our outstanding students and dedicated staff make Emmanuel the best college at UQ.

To advance Australia, to create a better global future, we need great leaders — ingenious, creative and responsible citizens who question, experience, communicate, inspire, and value their place in the community and wider world. Since 1911, Emmanuel College has been producing such graduates and leaders in business, politics, diplomacy, the law, engineering, the sciences, medicine, and many other areas of society.

Academic progress and excellence is the priority at Emmanuel College. Our academic program, modelled on the Oxbridge colleges, encompasses more than 90 tutorials each week, language courses, interdisciplinary SuperTutes addressing world issues, MasterClasses by industry professionals, visiting scholars, and academic mentoring. Emmanuel’s academic community is further strengthened by our Emmanuel Centre for the Study of Science, Religion and Society, annual lectures in law and philanthropy, Senior Common Room, and more than 30 Academic Fellows.

Through these programs and initiatives, our students gain wide-ranging skills such as critical and creative thinking and analysis, clear communication, effective problem solving and decision making, receptivity to new ideas, and respect and responsibility in working independently or as a team. These skills prepare our young men and women for their future careers and encourage their leadership potential.

Influenced by a Christian world view and the values informed by our founding Presbyterian Church and the Uniting Church, Emmanuel encourages students to ponder global human issues and to practise service leadership by using their gifts and energies to serve the community. Many of our alumni are outstanding exemplars in taking up the challenge of service leadership.

One of the values that sets Emmanuel apart is our broader outlook: to enrich the community. We partner with organisations across the social spectrum and contribute to community life in many ways: through connections with the business, legal, medical, and engineering professions, among others; by stimulating public intellectual discourse and debate; by sharing our campus facilities, which helps fund our scholarships and bursaries; through engaging with scholars, professionals and business leaders; and by encouraging a culture of philanthropy. Emmanuel awards up to $500,000 each year in scholarships and bursaries to deserving students through philanthropy and gifts from donors and benefactors who, in many cases, are alumni. Our alumni also contribute through offering mentoring, internships, and work experience and by participating in careers evenings. Our ongoing relationships with alumni and their support of Emmanuel through their work, wealth and wisdom is a testament to the bonds forged through the College experience.

The social, cultural and sporting aspects of co-ed college life are also vital to our students’ development and enjoyment. Emmanuel College Highlanders at The University of Queensland pipe band, Theatre Restaurant, Choralfest, Dancefest, and the annual Rugby 7s tournament are just a few of the fun activities in which students can participate. The bonds formed in a co-educational college, such as Emmanuel, build resilience and character, and lead to meaningful relationships and life-long friendships. Our students leave College as young men and women prepared for life after university, transformed by absorbing different ideas and opinions and by mixing with people from diverse backgrounds and faiths.

My studies in marine biology and landscape ecology involve researching how social and ecological interactions of the past and present will shape the future; this raises the question of what kind of future do we want to commit to? Emmanuel College is committed to the past, present and future through our alumni, current students and students yet to come — collectively they will forge new futures.

We welcome you to the next step towards your future.