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The post-war years brought many changes and the 1950s were a time of significant social and cultural progress in Australia....
Emmanuel expanded in the 1930s, growing to be the largest of the six UQ colleges. Major renovations were completed, including...
“Throughout the first ten years of its existence, Emmanuel had a struggle with circumstances as the war came on the...
So, we begin with the Presbyterian Church and the handsome, dimple-chinned, man of faith Merrington, the driving force behind the...
APPOINTMENT OF DIRECTOR OF COLLEGE LIFE Emmanuel College is delighted to announce the appointment of Mr Paterson Boyd to the...
When I started as Principal at Emmanuel College in January, I had in mind to communicate regularly with our College...
During the events surrounding COVID-19, we have regularly re-committed to providing you with relevant information relating to the responses undertaken...
As the COVID-19 situation continues to evolve rapidly, Emmanuel College is following the advice and guidelines from government and health authorities to minimise the...
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Emmanuel College 2021 semester dates

Semester 1: Sunday 21 Feb – Saturday 19 June

Preparation Week (student leaders only)

Monday 8 Feb – Friday 12 Feb

Check in day for new students

Saturday 13 Feb

Orientation Week (new students only)

Saturday 13 Feb – Friday 19 Feb

Check in day for returning students

Sunday 21 Feb

Check out day for all students

Saturday 19 June 

Semester 2: Sunday 25 July – Saturday 20 Nov

Check in for new students

To be advised

Check in day for returning students

Sunday 25 July

Check out day for all students

Saturday 20 Nov