Emmanuel College UQ tutors and students at a GAMSAT preparation tutorial

Emmanuel College tutor Brynn Bellinge (standing); (seated l-r) med students and tutors Adrian Mok, Timothy Liu, and Arash Arabshahi; and students Maria Cobain and Emma Thielemans

GAMSAT preparation: Emmanuel College tutorials “the gold standard”

8 September, 2017

Emmanuel College’s comprehensive academic program expanded further this semester to include a six-week intensive course for GAMSAT preparation. The GAMSAT (Graduate Medical School Admissions Test) is a rigorous three-part examination for students looking to study graduate-entry Medicine. The student body of Emmanuel College consistently has a high proportion, more than 10 per cent this year, studying towards Medicine.

The GAMSAT consists of five and a half hours of examinations testing students’ competency in three main areas: Reasoning in Humanities and Social Sciences, Written Communication, and Reasoning in Biological and Physical Sciences. Admission to the Doctor of Medicine (MD) program at The University of Queensland is highly competitive. In 2017, candidates required an overall GAMSAT score above 73* and a minimum GPA of 5.0 in their undergraduate studies to be considered for admission.

Responding to students’ requests for assistance in their preparation, Emmanuel College offers four GAMSAT tutorials every week in the six weeks leading up to the 13 September 2017 exam. Each week, Emmanuel’s team of tutors targets subject areas including Physics, Biology, Chemistry and Humanities Reasoning. The College’s tutors — three of whom are current Emmanuel students studying Medicine at UQ — all have first-hand experience of the GAMSAT and have scored highly.

Reviews from the tutorials have been very positive from our students. Emmanuel College scholarship awardee and Bachelor of Science student Emma Thielemans said: “These tutorials have been incredibly helpful in preparing me for the GAMSAT. My tutors have given me confidence in approaching each section of the exam. I’m really grateful for the opportunity that the College has provided to help me achieve my best score.”

Emmanuel College tutors have given unreserved support for the program, describing the GAMSAT initiative as “the gold standard” for assisting our students to achieve excellence in their studies.

* entry score for Domestic students with a Commonwealth Supported Place