Student Wellbeing

Our students’ wellbeing is our priority at Emmanuel College. While the academic progress of students is a high priority, we recognise that it is crucial to provide a support structure that addresses all factors of a student’s health as they transition into university studies.

As a community, we are committed to caring for students holistically. Emmanuel has worked hard to ensure the community of students and staff provide many levels of support. The first level of support begins with the appointment of senior students into leadership positions within each residential wing at Emmanuel. Wing Community Leaders provide students with valuable support and guidance. Training is provided to these student leaders to inform their decision making around the physical and emotional safety of their fellow collegians.

More informal support options are available through our Student Engagement team staff who are highly skilled in addressing the unique needs of young people. During office hours, these team members are easily accessible to students.

  • Assistant Dean Mr Christopher Morris is available to support students with residential concerns and academic support.
  • Dean of Student Wellbeing Mrs Christina Scattini, Social Worker, is available for any student needing support.
  • Deputy Principal Mrs Louise Hallo is the leader of the Student Engagement┬áteam.

Outside of office hours, Emmanuel has four staff (Hall Porters) rostered on to assist students and maintain a safe college environment. Senior staff from the Student Engagement team are also rostered during these hours to provide back up for more complex issues.

Staff can also assist students to access external counsellors and psychologists by directing them to counselling within The University of Queensland and external to The University of Queensland.