Respectful Relationships

At Emmanuel College, students are at the heart of all we do. The College is a community characterised by values of inclusivity, teamwork, diversity, respect for self and respect for others. Honesty, accountability, trust and responsibility are key values expected of our students and our staff.

The College has an unwavering commitment to ensuring a culture of respect among all members of the College community. Through training for our staff and student leaders as well as purposeful programs, we support all of our students to develop a strong sense of personal identity. We foster an environment that encourages students to contribute to a more equitable society through compassion, community service and respect for all in their public and private lives.

We believe that to cultivate a safe environment for students as they transition between adolescence and adulthood we need to:

• Foster a positive environment with a focus on respectful relationships and the prevention of abuse and harassment for all students

• Respond appropriately when situations occur.

• Clearly communicate reporting procedures as well as the many support services available to students at the College and in the broader community.

Zero tolerance is the only acceptable goal for any serious misconduct or behaviour at our College. Everyone has the right to be safe and to feel safe.
We continue to review our practices so that we can constantly improve and continue to meet local and global best practice.


How do we at Emmanuel College demonstrate the positive values that reflect respect?

We foster an overall culture that shows that respect is fundamental to all that we do. We talk about respect often and use every opportunity to demonstrate and support the behaviours that reflect a respectful approach to all members of the community.

• We cultivate respectful relationships from the very beginning; from our initial interviews with prospective students, to the first time students meet as a group during Orientation Week, and through the continuing contribution of our student leaders who provide a positive model of peer support to guide students through their first years at university.

• We focus on providing a welcoming Orientation Week for our new students that is informative, nurturing and encouraging and supports students to build healthy relationships.

• All students complete a compulsory online module on the topic of consent and attend sessions with senior College staff on understanding consent in relation to sexual encounters.

• We foster a culture of care for physical and mental wellbeing for individuals, between peers and within the wings in which students live.

• Our Student Club Leaders reinforce respectful relationships in all their interactions with their students in all interactions whether by in-person, via social media or other communications.

• Through ongoing educational programming, we promote a culture of gender equality in which we support all students to understand and accept the link between gender equality and respectful relationships. The College regularly presents educational events featuring guest speakers and experts in the areas of respect for sexual diversity and sexual identity, positive and healthy relationships, consent and other relevant topics.

• Senior staff at our College work closely with student leaders as mentors, encouraging them to be positive role models and to not walk by unacceptable behaviour.

• We ensure that all students have clear information about the College’s policies and processes about responding to harassment or assault in any form, as well as clear and accessible complaint referral pathways and a victim-led response of compassion and empowerment.

• For all incidents, students will be informed of all their reporting options and any student who wishes to file a police report, or who chooses to engage an external body for help or advice will be given the full support of the College.

• All complaints are thoroughly investigated in accordance with College policies. Any student who is determined to be unable to live in accordance with the College’s values and policies will be required to leave.

• We provide professional on-site support and response 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If a student has an incident, enquiry or complaint they are able to gain ready access to a range of trained personnel.

• The College’s counsellors are trained first responders for sexual misconduct and are available to support students 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Counsellors are available to provide support around all areas of student wellbeing to minimise the risk of issues escalating and to ensure students receive the support they need.

• A new College-wide survey has been initiated to gather information and feedback from students on an annual basis about the culture of the College in terms of what is working well and what we can do better.