Mentoring and Work Experience

Emmanuel College recognises the value of a strong alumni relations program and the benefits it can bring to the College community as a whole. Our past and our future are strongly linked to alumni achievements and the contributions they have made and will continue to make to local, national and international communities.

One of the College’s major goals is to create and maintain positive relationships with alumni and foster fruitful relationships between alumni and current students.  One avenue for achieving this is our mentoring and work experience program.

Many alumni have reached a stage in their lives where they’re looking for a chance to give back to the community and the College that supported them through the ups and downs of their student experience and gave them a taste of independent life in an adult community.

With a view to “giving back” a number of alumni have offered their services as professional and personal mentors for current students. The extent and nature of these relationships are determined by the alumnus and the student in consultation and the College remains available to facilitate their establishment and growth.

Other alumni have offered work experience opportunities for students both during the semester and in breaks, some with a longer term view of future employment.

The College sees the mentoring and work experience program as delivering benefits for all involved and we are keen to develop it further. Enquiries about participating can be directed to the College’s Advancement and Communications Manager Michelle James by telephoning (07) 3871 9342 or emailing