Emmanuel is focused on providing leadership opportunities for all students and this is at the core of our value system.

Towards the end of each year students vote for members of a Students’ Club Committee which forms the leadership executive of the student body for the next year. The Students’ Club Committee is made up of a majority of third-year students with a first-year and second-year representative also included.

In the residential wings, senior students are appointed by the College to leadership roles as Wing Community Leaders and they provide a valuable source of support to others in their wing.

Students are given the opportunity to fill other leadership roles throughout the year, such as community service organisers, international student coordinators, Christian convenors and student IT officers.

Through the College’s Visiting Scholars Program, notable academics or leaders in the community are invited to present seminars that students and members of the wider community can attend. The College ethos is to expose Emmanuel students to leaders who will inspire, advise and mentor.