Academic Program

Emmanuel College offers a challenging, rigorous and rewarding academic program that draws upon the Oxbridge traditions of critical thinking and scholarly pursuit. Our students’ Grade Point Average is 5.5, with 80% of our students achieving a GPA of 5 or above and 35% achieving a GPA of 6 or above.

At a time of expanding university class sizes, Emmanuel College tutors work with small classes (maximum 5-6 students), encouraging debate and discussion around key issues of the students’ fields of study. All Emmanuel College tutors are qualified academics and industry professionals with extensive experience in their fields of expertise. Students are encouraged to attend tutorials to add value to their university study, and it is compulsory for first-year students to attend at least one tutorial a week.

The academic program encompasses:

  • 80 hours of discipline-based tutorials each week
  • academic mentoring
  • interdisciplinary SuperTutes
  • Emmanuel College Short Language Courses in French, German, Spanish, Italian, Japanese and Mandarin
  • MasterClasses by industry professionals
  • Visiting Scholars Program, which includes academics and distinguished individuals from the wider community.


What do students say about Emmanuel College UQ’s academic program?

“After realising that I wasn’t able to get the grades I wanted on my own, at the beginning of this year I decided to take full advantage of the academic benefits of living at Emmanuel. I attended almost every tutorial offered, sought out additional help from other College students, distanced myself from distractions by basically living in the Academic Centre as due-dates and exams approached, and followed the advice I’d been given during first year. This made a huge difference to my study life. Last semester, I obtained a 6.25 GPA, while actually attending more college sporting and cultural events.”
— Emmanuel College second-year Engineering student

“Emmanuel was my home away from home and, as a recent graduate, I already miss it terribly! The administrative and academic staff are incredibly helpful in assisting students to accomplish their goals and provide support whenever it’s required. Thanks to Emmanuel I consecutively achieved semester GPAs above 6 and made the Dean’s scholars list in my final two years of study.”
— Emmanuel College B Arts/B Journalism graduate

“The tutorials in the six-week intensive course for GAMSAT [Graduate Medical School Admissions Test] preparation have been incredibly helpful. My tutors have given me confidence in approaching each section of the exam. I’m really grateful for the opportunity that Emmanuel College has provided to help me achieve my best score.”
— Emmanuel College second-year Science student

“Emmanuel’s Economics tutorials are invaluable. The personal approach enriched my understanding of lecture materials and broadened my perspectives of economics in real world applications. I now have an enhanced understanding of most economic topics, allowing me to make sense of world macroeconomic influences such as Brexit and the economic policies of political parties.”
— Emmanuel College second-year Business Management student

“Thank you for organising the Speech Pathology tutorials. Our tutor was absolutely brilliant and always did anything she could to help us out, including lending us textbooks and bringing all of her notes and her own therapy plans and materials. It was of real benefit and I know she will be a great connection for me in the professional world.”
— Emmanuel College second-year Speech Pathology student