“Fighting Words”

Scott Stephens presents his next seminar for the Emmanuel Centre on Friday 29 July, 12-2pm. Register here. “Fighting Words: Recovering Moral Disagreement in a Media Age” Something has gone terribly wrong, not just in the manner and mediums through which we register our moral disagreements, but in our very ability […]

Philosophy OR Religion? panel

Philosophy OR Religion?

Register here. In December last year the well-known Australian Philosopher of Religion Dr Nick Trakakis publicly renounced his Greek Orthodox faith and cast religion itself aside. In his piece “Why I Am Not Orthodox”, Dr Trakakis contends that: “The life of the mind as practiced by Socrates is not […]

Rev Dr Graham Cole

“Evangelicals in the Academy”

The Rev Dr Graham Cole presents the next Emmanuel Centre seminar series over two days. “Scripture and the Disciplines” and “Scripture and the Sciences” 9.00am-12.00pm, Thursday 21 July 2016 Expectations make a difference not only in life, but also in pursuing a scholar’s vocation as a Christian. In […]