Emmanuel Centre to host bioethics panel

Later this year the Emmanuel Centre will host a bioethics-themed panel discussion. One of the key contributors to this panel will be Dr Nathan Palpant. Nathan recently left the University of Washington to lead his own laboratory at UQ’s Institute for Molecular Bioscience (IMB). His research focuses on […]

A good read for the New Year

Emmanuel Centre Director Leigh Trevaskis has been searching out some interesting reading to start the New Year: No doubt you have plenty to read coming out the other side of Christmas. But the following review of Eugene Vodolazkin’s newly translated Russian novel Laurus makes me think it will […]

Taking the oath

What is the proper role of religious faith in public affairs and why, or on what basis, should we have faith in the institution of public office?  These two seemingly very different questions are, in fact, closely related through the oath of office, according Professor Nicholas Aroney. Professor Aroney is […]

The Probability that God Exists

The probability of God’s existence has long fascinated both believers and non-believers alike.Scientists, mathematicians and theologians have all had their say. Professor Rodney Wolff, Chair in Geostats and Mine Planning at the University of Queensland’s W.H. Bryan mining and Geology Research Centre has been reviewing what has already […]

Everything is vapour!

The enjoyment of good things that do not last was the topic chosen by Director of the Emmanuel Centre for the Study of Science, Religion and Society, Dr Leigh Trevaskis, for his address at the annual Valedictory service for the students of Emmanuel College within the University of Queensland on […]