Rev. Dr Stephen Ames

“Physics, Metaphysics and Theology”

Rev. Dr Stephen Ames presents “Physics, Metaphysics and Theology” for the Emmanuel Centre on Friday 28 July 2017. There are two sessions. To attend one or both, Register here. 10.00-11.50am: From Physics to Metaphysics, one way or another In this presentation, Dr Ames looks at what is involved in moving […]

“Zombies and Theology”

“Zombies and Theology” a seminar with Dr Matthew Tan on Tuesday 27 June, 12 noon to 1.50pm. RVSP here. In this presentation, Dr Tan will interface postmodern pop culture and its technological context with Christian theology. Dr Tan will explore the fascination with the undead, in particular the […]

Dr Paul Tyson

“The Administration of Fear”

“The Administration of Fear — technology, politics and religion” seminar with Dave Andrews and Dr Paul Tyson on Thursday 4 May, 12 noon–2.30pm. RSVP here. The French social theorist Paul Virilio has written an intriguing text titled “The Administration of Fear”. In this text, he points out that fear […]