Freedom of Religion Conference – 31 Oct

On behalf of the TC Beirne School of Law, Freedom 4 Faith, and Emmanuel College, you are invited to the 2014 Freedom of Religion Conference, entitled “Freedom of Speech, Conscience and Association in a Religiously Tolerant Society”. The event will feature papers presented by leading experts in this […]

John Lennox Seminar

Must one assume that science makes belief in a personal God irrational? Is scientific inquiry the only valid means of discerning the truth? What forms an appropriate basis for belief? Professor John Lennox of Oxford University answered these questions and more at his recent seminar “Is Belief in […]

Q&A Session

Don’t miss out on your chance to attend a Q&A session with Ross McKenzie (Professor of Physics at UQ) in the Stevens Bonnin Room at Emmanuel College, 7:30-9pm Tuesday 26  August 2014. To register your interest contact