Religion and science: Rejecting the conflict model

Dr Tom Aechtner, a Fellow of the CSSRS and a science-religion scholar at The University of Queensland, has recently published a paper investigating the continuation of the science/religion conflict model within university textbooks. The article, “Galileo Still Goes to Jail: Conflict Model Persistence Within Introductory Anthropology Materials” Zygon […]

Persuasion tactics in the Evolution Wars

In October this year, Dr Tom Aechtner from The University of Queensland presented research that examined the use of persuasion tactics by all sides in the Evolution Wars. This graph presents the frequency of persuasion cues Dr Aechtner measured in more than 1500 articles published by relevant groups […]

Ken Wiltshire seminar and interview

If you couldn’t join us for Professor Ken Wiltshire’s seminar “Beliefs, Values, and Principles in School Curriculum” in September, both the seminar and CSSRS Director Dr Leigh Trevaskis’s interview with Ken can be viewed online. Leigh spoke with Ken about the place of beliefs and values in the school […]