Professor Ecklund Surveys Science-Religion Views

Professor of Sociology Elaine Howard Ecklund has recently undertaken a fascinating survey of contemporary outlooks on the science-religion relationship. Director of The Religion and Public Life Program at Rice University, Houston, Ecklund sought to question the assertion that religious communities, chiefly Evangelical Protestant groups, hold the most reservations […]

2015 Academic Workshop Program

The CSSRS will present three workshops in 2015: Frameworks, Write and Publish. At the Frameworks Workshop, 7-9 July, participants will critically evaluate the underlying assumptions they use when considering the relationship between Christian faith and modern society. The program features experts in their fields, such as physicist Dr Bruce […]

Religion and science: Rejecting the conflict model

Dr Tom Aechtner, a Fellow of the CSSRS and a science-religion scholar at The University of Queensland, has recently published a paper investigating the continuation of the science/religion conflict model within university textbooks. The article, “Galileo Still Goes to Jail: Conflict Model Persistence Within Introductory Anthropology Materials” Zygon […]