To achieve its goal of contributing to public intellectual debate on issues of science, religion and society, the Emmanuel Centre hosts a number of events each year, including seminars, conferences, and workshops that promote peer-reviewed research on the implications the sciences, religion and society may have for the historic Christian faith.

Regular seminars held at Emmanuel College provide academics with an occasion to have lunch with colleagues and to provide critical feedback on an invited paper. A list of upcoming and past seminars can be found here.

Where possible, conferences are co-sponsored with the relevant academic schools of The University of Queensland. On the one hand, engagement with University schools in this way promotes open and honest dialogue between research undertaken through the Emmanuel Centre and the academy. On the other hand, a context such as this provides a forum for academics to undertake research from a Christian perspective at the highest academic level. Where possible, the Centre seeks to have the proceedings of these conferences published by a university press.

The Emmanuel Centre’s Write Workshops encourage academics and PhD students to present research that brings a Christian perspective to issues arising from a field of academic study. The workshops give participants the opportunity to critically evaluate the underlying assumptions they use when considering the relationship between historic Christian faith and modern society.