“Climate Science, Religion and the Politics of Climate Change”

Dr Johannes LuetzDr Johannes Luetz presents “Climate Science, Religion and the Politics of Climate Change” for the Emmanuel Centre on Thursday 9 March, 12-2pm, addressing three topics:

  1. The consensus view of climate scientists regarding the future impact of man-made climate change if no radical changes are made to alter the present trends.
  2. The common range of Christian responses to the findings of climate science and why these responses can be so different. Conceptions of both care for creation and also for the domination and exploitation of nature have strongly theological underpinnings to Christians. Dr Luetz will give a brief theological evaluation of these different positions.
  3. The politics of climate change. What are the power dynamics controlling success or failure in working towards global solutions to this problem? What role do the mass media and powerful commercial interests play in shaping the political landscape of “the climate change debate”?

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Dr Johannes Luetz is Senior Lecturer and Research Chair at CHC Higher Education in Brisbane. Prior to joining CHC he was a Lecturer at the University of New South Wales in the School of Social Sciences, where he also earned his PhD in Environmental Policy and Management. He has worked extensively with World Vision International on research projects raising awareness of the growing effects of climate change on poor and vulnerable communities in Asia, Africa and Latin America.

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