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by Dr Paul Tyson, Director, Emmanuel Centre for the Study of Science, Religion and Society

Springtime at Cambridge University, UK

Springtime at Cambridge University, UK

In March this year I travelled to England with three goals: to deliver a conference paper on the significance of Professor Christos Yannaras’s work for global finance; to invite lead scholars in the UK to participate in a major research project at the Emmanuel Centre with Professor Peter Harrison (UQ); and to strengthen relations between Emmanuel College UQ and Emmanuel College Cambridge.

Professor Christos Yannaras (foreground) and Professor John Milbank at the conference

Professor Christos Yannaras (foreground) and Professor John Milbank at the conference in Cambridge

The trip was a wonderful success on all fronts. My conference paper was well received; lead international scholars such as Rowan Williams, Alister McGrath, John Milbank, Tom McLeish, and Catherine Pickstock accepted my invitation; and Dame Fiona Reynolds, Master of Emmanuel College UK, is supportive of the Emmanuel Centre’s project at the Cambridge end. This will raise the profile of the Emmanuel Centre and open up funding pathways for the expansion of its work. The Emmanuel Centre’s connection with scholars working in science, religion and society concerns at Durham, Oxford and Cambridge (and also Washington) is enhanced. And Emmanuel College in Brisbane continues moving in an Oxbridge direction as a dynamic centre for the life of the mind that is connected to an international network of likeminded intellectual communities.

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